Which graph shows the solution to the system of equations? Solve the system graphically. Click on the graph until the correct solution appears.2x + 3y = 6x + y = 4

Accepted Solution

The correct answer is:  "Graph [D]:  "the fourth graph provided".
Explanation:  By looking at each graph in each of the 4 (FOUR) answer choices provided;   "Graph [D]" (the fourth answer choice) is the only graph in which two (2) of the same lines intersect at the same point with the particular coordinates: 
  "(6, -2)" ;  that are correct for BOTH of the 2 equations given.
Furthermore, we see that the coordinates for BOTH of the x and y- intercepts for BOTH of the equations given in this problem—are, in fact, points along EACH of the given corresponding 2 (two) corresponding lines in:  "Graph [D]".