Sarah earns $525 more than Andrew each month. They each spend $1250 a month and save the rest. Sarah does not have any savings at first. After 11 months she has $8250 in savings. How much does Andrew earn n a year

Accepted Solution

Answer:Lets begin with the first sentence.  We will let S = Sarah's monthly earnings and A = Andrews.S = A + 525 (since Sarah earns more than Andrew).Then you are told they spend 1250 each month and save the rest.  The total savings will then be the difference times the number of months.Savings per month (Sarah ) = S - 1250Savings (Sarah Total) = (S - 1250)* number of months.Plug in the number of months and total savings to figure out how much Sarah makes each month.8250 = (S - 1250)*11750 = S - 1250S = 750 + 1250S = 2000From Sarah's earnings each month we can find Andrews (using the first equation).2000 = A + 525A = 2000 - 525A = $1475Finally you are asked for the yearly earnings:12* $1475 = $17,700Andrew earns $17,700 each year.Step-by-step explanation: