Provide an appropriate response. Grade points are assigned as follows: A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, and F = 0. Grades are weighted according to credit hours. If a student receives an A in a four-credit class, a D in a two-credit class, a B in a three-credit class and a C in a three-credit class, what is the student's grade point average? a) 3.00 b) 1.75 c) 2.50 d) 2.75

Accepted Solution

Answer:d) 2.75Step-by-step explanation:[tex]\left[\begin{array}{cccc}Credit&Letter&Grade&Product\\4&A&4&16\\2&D&1&2\\3&B&3&9\\3&C&2&6\end{array}\right] \\\\[/tex]If we sum the products we got [tex]16+2+9+6 = 33[/tex]And, to find the average we divide in the total number of credits[tex]\frac{33}{4+2+3+3}  = 2.75[/tex]